Legalize Marijuana and Help Severely Ill People

The debate on legalizing marijuana has been going on for several years now. However, in many states in the US along with most countries around the world, using pot for medicinal purposes is still illegal. We have heard lots of advocates fighting for those who have diseases and they badly need marijuana. However, we don’t necessarily hear the voices of those who are in need. Of course, they are too ill to fight for their right, but they do exist. According to statistics, thousands of people suffering from certain diseases could have been cured or at least suffer less should they be given the opportunity to take marijuana legally. Continue Reading

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The Continuing Debate on Using Marijuana as Medicine

The use of Cannabis sativa or marijuana for medical purposes has been done for centuries by different cultures around the world. In fact, medical history records indicate that it was one of the most prescribed medications in the United States. Doctors stopped prescribing it when it became illegal in 1937, resulting in its restricted use. Nevertheless, such prohibition failed to stop research on its medicinal use. Continue Reading

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Fighting Against Marijuana Legalization is a Form of Bullying

Despite the efforts of several legislators to fight for the legalization of medical marijuana, there are still a lot of states where it simply cannot be passed. This is because of those who keep on voting against the passage of the bill. These people might have arguments, but they are doing nothing more than bullying. They just think of those who have religious and moral arguments. However, they do not think about those who can benefit most from the legalization of marijuana.

They Can’t Speak for Themselves

Those who are against marijuana legalization can go out on the streets and shout. However, those who do are sick enough to fight for their rights cannot do the same. They are too weak to fight for themselves. Therefore, going against what they deserve is nothing short of bullying. These legislators are bullies. They know that these people need medical marijuana, but still they go against it. Why can’t they just place security blanket to ensure that the patients won’t abuse the law? Why can’t they make it clear what the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is?

They Deserve a Normal Life

There are also those who wanted to live normally and travel. However, if their destination has no bill in favor of marijuana possession and consumption, then it becomes difficult for them to travel. In as much as they wanted to see the world more or visit their relatives at the very least, they just can’t. Those who have seizures might not get immediate marijuana medication and it could complicate their case. Again, this is just one of the reasons why marijuana legalization should already be made.

Let’s Continue Fighting

These patients deserve a chance to be heard. Studies have proven that marijuana used as a medication is effective. Therefore, nothing should stop them from given the chance to use marijuana for medication legally. If they can’t speak for themselves, at least we can. Let’s do it in their behalf until they get what they deserve.

For those who are in search for medical marijuana in Spokane, you can visit here.

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Free Medical Marijuana for the Poor?

There’s no question that marijuana, the plant so commonly abused for its euphoric properties, have amazing medicinal properties. Just ask our ancestors, they knew all about it. It was used to treat constipation, rheumatism, gout, headaches, and even absent-mindedness. It was also used to dress wounds and sores. Cannabis even made it to the list of 50 fundamental herbs in ancient China.

In current times, cannabis is used to lessen nausea and vomiting involved in chemotherapy. It’s also used to treat AIDS patients and those with muscle problems. Some claim it as a very effective alternative medicine, but what ticks scientists off about marijuana is its addictive properties and possible nerve-damaging effects. They say it has negative long-term effects on cognitive and memory abilities.

Despite these unfounded claims, medical marijuana can now be legally used in 23 states, two of these even allow recreational sale to adults. There are now lots of dispensaries that offer medical marijuana, like Leafly, a Portland dispensary. Furthermore, early in July, the city of Berkeley passed an ordinance that requires dispensaries to provide free medical marijuana to its poor members. This may sound funny at first, but it really makes a lot of sense. Basically, it’s just the government providing free medication for citizens with low incomes.

Marijuana cannot be distributed like other drugs, though. Although California allows it, the federal government deems it illegal and the Food and Drug Administration did not approve it. There are also no health insurance plans that cover it. Therefore, Medi-Cal, California’s version of Medicaid, cannot cover it.

This pushes the government to resort to local dispensaries. This mechanism is not perfect, though. Dispensaries will be forced to raise the prices to all non-poor members to cover for the free supplies given away to the poor. It will be better if the government shouldered the expenses for the free supplies so that the costs will be paid for by the taxpayers at large instead of the non-poor users only.

This situation highlights the situation of medical marijuana in the United States. The federal government’s refusal to legalize medical marijuana is causing an additional gap between poor and non-poor users. Thinktanks better hurry up in settling the issue whether marijuana is a viable medicine or not, because it’s impacting the marginalized sectors in rather unnecessary ways.

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Human’s Right to Health

Healthcare is a basic human right. The state, no matter where you are, has the obligation to provide quality medical services that everyone must have access to. It also involves several factors that enable individuals to live a healthy life, including a decent house, a clean environment, and adequate food.

Access to quality healthcare must be universal and guided by the following principles:

• Healthcare must be accessible and comprehensive for everyone. It must be provided with no discrimination based on social status, age, gender, language, disability, or religion.

• It is every human’s right that hospitals, clinics, doctors, and medicines are available in every community.

• All healthcare must be of good quality, provided in a safe and patient-centered manner.

• Healthcare assistance must be acceptable and provided in a culturally appropriate manner. It must respect cultures, age, gender, and language. Healthcare must also be provided with dignity, protecting confidentiality, and valuing medical ethics.

• Medical researches and information must be available for everyone so they can take an active role in protecting their health.

• Individuals must have an active participation on the organization and implementation of healthcare services.

In many parts of the world, several laws and additional reforms were passed to make it even more possible that healthcare services become more affordable, accessible, available, and acceptable for everyone.

In America, a healthcare act that really stirred up people to talk is the one pertaining to the legalization of marijuana. Some states, including Washington, have seen reason and made medical marijuana possible. It is often prescribed to treat pain symptoms, especially for those who are suffering from chronic pain, cancer, and AIDS. A card is given out to people prescribed with medical marijuana so they purchase from a Washington dispensary and bring along a prescribed amount with them without having to face the raps of the law.

We believe there are many other healthcare issues that government policies must focus on. So individuals and communities will really be able to access quality healthcare services as promised. Although the world knows that healthcare is a basic human right, it is still not made available equally for everyone. A sad affair, if you ask me.

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Campaigns for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is still not legalized in different states and countries around the world. Even in the US, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is still a big issue and it’s considered as a human rights concern. This is because many individuals suffering from various conditions and illnesses only have cannabis as their hope for treatment. Currently, only 23 states in the US have legalized the use of medical cannabis, including the District of Columbia.

There are various campaigns started by different organizations for the legalization of cannabis. One of them is ENCOD or the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies. Some of the signatories to their campaigns are the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC). If you’re in a US state that has legalized medical cannabis, you still need to have a medical marijuana ID in order to legally purchase from dispensaries like those in Portland. Trusted Portland dispensaries are made up of health professionals and specialists that experts and experienced in medical cannabis.

Getting a Medical Marijuana ID

Getting this ID is important as you would need this for purchasing medical cannabis from dispensaries. Moreover, this is a proof that you’re allowed to carry or grow the accepted amount of marijuana to treat your condition. The law of each state when it comes to its use varies. Make sure to check with your state to determine if your condition is one of the illnesses that are allowed for the use of medical cannabis. As mentioned, there’s a specific amount that a medical marijuana ID owner can carry. Again, the limit varies from one state to another.

If you qualify to secure a medical marijuana ID, submit all the forms and documents needed. This usually includes the application form, proof of residency and identification, as well as a request from your doctor. A written request from your physician is very important as this will prove that you need to use medical cannabis for treating your condition. There are also fees that you need to pay.

If you’re a supporter of medical cannabis, you may join in the campaigns to make it legal.

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Not All Marijuana Users Deserve Condemnation

When it comes to marijuana users, a lot of people have negative perception. They think that these users just want to get stoned for nothing. They are just wasting their precious time being under the influence of an illegal drug. However, these people are not necessarily the only people who can benefit from marijuana use. In fact, there are a big percentage of marijuana users who consume the drug purely for medicinal purposes. Thus, it is unfair for them to be condemned simply because they take the drug to feel better.

Unheard Voices

The only reason why we don’t hear these people is because they are not as opinionated as the others. Most of them are even too sick to speak for themselves. They cannot fight for their rights. Thus, they usually end up not fighting for their right at all. There are those who wanted to live a normal life. They wanted to travel and see the world. However, because they cannot take the drug as it is illegal in many states, they are crippled. They cannot live in a way that normal people do. Worse, they are even a part of the group being condemned by many for marijuana use. Obviously, they don’t deserve such treatment.

The Need to be Understood

Legislators and other government officials should listen to these patients and ask them about their condition after marijuana use. A lot of people still don’t believe in the effects of medical marijuana. Therefore, by going down to these patients and asking them through interviews, then the world will know just how much they need marijuana to live a better life.

The Savior

The good news is that there are lots of physicians who have decided to open a pot dispensary. With their help, pot becomes more accessible to those who are in need. They can just walk in with doctor’s recommendation and feel relieved. Some of these physicians just open a pot dispensary for the sake of helping and not really for profit. One of them is Portland Dispensary. Check them out here for more information.

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Pain Contracts – How Legal are They?

If you haven’t already had to sign one, you probably won’t know what a pain contract is. It’s a piece of paper, a contract that you and your doctor sign. A contract that states the terms and conditions of the doctor agreeing to treat your chronic pain with opioids.  This, by the way, is the only type of medication that you will need to sign this contract for.

The contract will have stipulations in it that you agree to when you sign – you agree to comply with his or her recommendations, undergo random drug testing, not use alcohol or drugs of any kind that are not prescribed.  Should you violate one or more of these terms, the doctor has the right to discharge you from their care.

Fair Play or Foul?

These contracts are a way for the DEA to wage war – on you and on your doctor.  The doctor has you sign this contract to cover their own backside, a way to prove that they are placing their patients under proper supervision.

In effect, this takes away your right to have a hand in your own health care. It takes away your right to fair treatment. You have signed a contract under duress because, to refuse to do so means losing out on care and pain management.

Virtually the world over a contract signed under duress is not enforceable and a doctor that threatens to withhold medication is forcing your hand.  What’s even worse is, you have to follow that contract to the letter or risk being blacklisted for violation. Your doctor, on the other hand, doesn’t and there is nothing you can do about it.

Opioids or Narcotics?

The big problem arises with the legalization of medical marijuana. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can get your treatment from places like this Portland dispensary.  However, should you fail a drug test, your doctor will blacklist you and refuse to give you the opioids. The marijuana doctor will not prescribe opioids so you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

At some point in the near future, this is all likely to come crumbling down when some clever lawyer decides tor round up a bunch of contracts and sue. In the meantime, you have to make your choice – opioids or narcotics.

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Open a Pot Dispensary and be of Help to Patients

With the endless debates on the legalization of medical marijuana, we only see people who have their own ideologies being fought for voicing their opinions out. However, with the exchange of words, we forget the real people who need marijuana the most. They are those who are too ill to even speak for themselves. They are people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, Hepatitis C, seizure, cancer and many more. They need medical marijuana, but they simply don’t have any other option since lots of people who have extremely conservative mindsets seem to not care about them.

Worse, people who take pot are seen in a negative light. They are considered as problems in the society. This is true even if they only take pot because they need it to soothe their pains and ease their suffering. In fact, even with the legalization of marijuana in some states, access to medical marijuana is still extremely difficult. Thus, if you are in the medical field, you need to find out how to open a pot dispensary and be of help to those who are helpless. With your efforts to bring marijuana closer to them, they can at least feel less pain.

The First Steps

In order to make this plan a reality, you need to make sure that you understand the legalities surrounding a pot dispensary business. Take note that just because a state legalized marijuana use and sale, it does not mean you can sell the item just like any other products out there. You also need to make sure that you have a perfect location where you can open a dispensary. You also need enough space to grow pot in your own backyard. You also have to look for people who may be your clients for this business.

Providing Help More than Anything Else

Though you are opening up a business, you need to understand that this endeavor is not all about money alone. You need to be acquainted with the business side of it, but you have to be more concerned of being able to help other people. You need to understand that you are doing this to make marijuana more accessible. For step by step information on how to open a dispensary, visit here.

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Legalizing Marijuana Will Create More Space in Prison for Real Criminals

Without a doubt, one of the most taxing of all US human rights issues is the prison system. More people are incarcerated per capita in the US than in any other recorded country.  Common practices that go against human rights include the death penalty, solitary confinement and life without parole for juveniles and these practices are often heavily marked by racial differences.

Do the Crime, Do the Time

US prisons not only hold dangerous criminals, they are also packed to the rafters with people who are trapped by tough draconian drug laws. Many of those have been sentenced because of powerful groups that represent those whose livelihood depends almost entirely on locking people away from society.  Privatized prisons add insult to injury – empty cells means a lower profit margin.

The prison system in the US, whether we like it or not, is linked to US drug policy. Around 25% of people who are locked up are there for drug related crimes and, although the number of people in prison for possession of marijuana is not high, the numbers arrested each year for said crimes is disproportionately high and costs millions of dollars – taxpayer dollars.

Legalize Marijuana, Free Up Space

More and more states across the US are moving to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes and the question of whether all states should follow suit is a hotly debated one.  Even President Obama has conceded the point that marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol is and it is more than likely that, in years to come, the move to legalize marijuana everywhere will pick up speed and strengthen.

While this is a good thing anyway it would be even better if that legalization had an effect on the drug policy and prison sentences, giving us the opportunity to sort out some of the human rights issues that plague the prisons and the US.  More legalization and a lapsing of some of the strict policies that surround drug use and marijuana would free up a significant amount of space in US prisons, leaving it free for real criminals, those that are a real danger to society.

The Debate on Legalization Rages on

The debate is about more than just legalizing a drug. It is about individual human rights, medical need, economics and criminal justice.  It is also about money. There are a lot of people who stand to lose a great deal of money if there are spaces in the prisons and if there is no need for new ones to be constructed.

These are the people who will fight against legalization. These are the people who want to ensure that possession of marijuana continues to be illegal because legalization will mean a slump in profits.

So, while keeping marijuana as an illegal drug will keep our prisons full and a small proportion of the population wealthy, it will also make an ongoing human rights problem a whole lot worse. Perhaps more serious will be the inability of the US to present itself in a good light as far as human rights goes – a problem that the country is already struggling against.

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